Saturday, February 20, 2010


Ok now that I have my own lighting kit complete with 2 strobes and stands and what not, I figured I should go ahead and contribute to the ever growing Strobist community.

You maybe seeing a lot more of Morpheus in the coming days. This is the best toy I could find to photograph and I make a sucky model myself. Poor Morpheus, though, he did his best to protest but I got the better of him.

Strobist Info:
Vivitar 3200A into shoot through umbrella camera left.

The rim lighting is provided by a yellow wall on the right that reflected some of the light back.

Trigger using Sonia Wireless Radio trigger.

Nikon D90 @ 105mm
f/5.6 and 1/200
ISO 200

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


When I visited the leper colony in Dahisar, little did I expect to meet such a diverse group of people.

I happened to meet this woman by chance when I was passing by her tiny hut. I heard her television blaring and couldn't help but knock on her non-existent door.

She was cooking at the time and what shocked me the most was the fact that this woman is completely blind. She was treated for Leprosy which has caused her fingers to get disfigured.

Even though she cannot see, she manages to cook, clean and do all the household chores and uses the television to keep her company.

I have not cropped out anything on purpose and this image is pretty much SOOC except for some white balance adjustment and contrast correction. I felt I had to do justice to this woman by showing everything I can that forms a part of her life. Her house is everything you see in the image.
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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


No pain can get me down, originally uploaded by photoholic_royd.
Images of slums are usually associated with hunger, poverty, sadness and the likes. But I encountered a different emotion when I visited the slums along the Dahisar River in Mumbai, India. An emotion of courage, and an emotion of happiness. This woman looked so beautiful when I saw her, I couldn't stop myself from making a picture of her.

She suffers from Kyphosis or what is commonly known as a hunchback. But that doesn't stop her from enjoying life and the company of her very beautiful little daughters. My salute to people like her who may have a small wallet, but have enormous hearts.

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